CDC E.L.I.T.E. Certified


We provide an array of services in analyzing water and swab samples for Legionella ranging from an EPA-approved rapid results method, which may be suitable for routine monitoring, to the full CDC and ISO (#11731) Legionella isolation culturing protocols. We also offer serotyping of L. pneumophila (serogroup 1 and serogroups 2-14).

We offer sample collection services for your facility according to your internally derived water monitoring program and on-site analyses for common parameters such as pH, temperature, and total/free chlorine at your request. We also offer sample transportation/pickup for samples which your facility has collected.


Our rates are determined by the following factors and are generally calculated to be a simple, flat rate per sample. We do not layer additional charges for supplies, travel/mileage, preliminary reporting, verification of results*, etc…

Considerations in determining pricing:

  • If we are to perform the sample collection, transporting samples collected by your facility, or receive delivery of samples by courier service
  • If on-site analysis is being performed during sample collection
  • Requested analysis methodology (cultured or rapid result method) and also the sample liquid volumes (ranging from 250mL – 1000mL)
  • Number of samples being submitted (or collected) and frequency of monitoring

* (Note: all positive results are automatically verified via approved methods)

Please contact us to discuss your testing needs.